Pulse: Finance, Banking, and Regulation


Chatbots in banking, the banks that do APIs well, and the rise of open banking. This week's FinTech links provide a look at the shifts in technology that can move banks away from consumers and provide consumers a way to gain greater control over their banking experience.

And then there's the genuine coin of the realm, in the form of paper money. National Public Radio reports that 80 percent of U.S. currency circulates in hundred dollar bills—"Franklins"—but nobody really knows where they are.

FinTech Ubiquity

Things to look for in 2017 include progress on faster payments in the United States, greater regulatory scrutiny of FinTech here and abroad, and blockchain use cases put into action. FinTech firms will continue to shake up the way consumers invest, insure, and conduct transactions—and card payments will continue to rule.

InsureTech Rules

FinTech's insurance sector came to the fore this week. This Google Trends chart and series of tweets tell the story of InsureTech's growth in 2016.

Random FinTech Notes

I loved the Random Notes column in Rolling Stone magazine when I read it in high school. This week's email and its collection of FinTech links seems pretty random to me, and one of the articles focuses on a FinTech firm that goes back to 1976, when I was reading Random Notes rather than FinTech news.

How to Justify a high valuation and low growth simultaneously

Data Power

Data and its use and control, more than any technology innovation, took a primary position at this year’s Money20/20 conference and exhibition. This year’s annual event brought more than 10,000 financial-services executives, entrepreneurs, and technologists to Las Vegas for a whirlwind of meetings, presentations, and demonstrations.

Money20/20 2016

I am attending the annual Money20/20 FinTech conference in Las Vegas this week. Here is a summary of this week's FinTech related links:

Questioning Banking

Bankers have accepted that FinTech is here, reports The Daily FinTech in its SIBOS 2016 wrap-up story. Realism in FinTech among both banks and startups, the move to realtime payment, and (naturally) semi-real blockchain topped its list of takeaways.

Conventions, Convergence, and Competition

Innovation, a favorite topic of debate in the business of technology, gets a FinTech work over in this week's links. Plus more blockchain endorsements and reports, along with some timely cautions.

FinTech food for thought